What commissions are charged on the R StocksTrader platform?

Commission for transaction

A commission is charged for performing a transaction, i.e., it is paid for any order to open, close, or modify a position. This commission is added to the result of a position. Commission for a transaction is displayed in the window of a new order, quick trading, or history.


This is a charge for rolling a leveraged position overnight. This commission is added to the result of a position. The leverage is applied to positions depending on the type of instrument or account. View the leverage value applied for a particular instrument on your account in the “Contract specification” section of your trading platform.

The commission rate is not constant and might be changed without any prior notice to clients.

How to calculate interest?
<Opening price> * <Position volume> * <Interest (%) / 100 / 360>

Twitter: 100 shares, long position, interest - 7%
25 * 100 * (-7%) / 100 / 360 = (-0,49) USD

Triple interests are applied to some instruments on a specific day of the week. Find the triple interest day for each instrument in the “Contract specification” section.

Markup for conversion rate

Markups are applied to conversion rates in case the funds engaged in trading Stocks, ETFs, and CFDs need to be converted. View the markup values used for the funds conversion for each currency pair in the “Contract specification” section.

To apply markup to the price, you can use the following formula:

The Ask price with markup = Ask + (Ask * Markup(%) / 100 / 2)
The Bid price with markup = Bid - (Bid * Markup(%) / 100 / 2)

When calculating the financial result of a position, the conversion will be separately applied to an estimate of an exposure cost and additional expenses, but not to the final result. The formula is the following:

Short position (Sell)

((Opening price * Position volume) / conversion rate - (Closing price or last price * Position volume) / conversion rate) + additional expense / conversion rate

Long position (Buy)

<Closing price or last price> * <Position volume> / <Conversion rate> - <Opening price> * <Position volume> / <Conversion rate> + <Additional expenses> / <Conversion rate>


Twitter: 100 shares, long position, opening price: $22.00, last price: $26.00, commission: $ 1.5, swap: $0, trading account is nominated in EUR, markup: 0.5%, applicable conversion rate (EURUSD) at the time of position opening: 1.11253, applicable conversion rate (EURUSD) at the time of calculation: 1.11233.

(26.00 * 100 / 1.11253 – 22.00 * 100 / 1.11233) + (-1.5) / 1.11253 = €345.7