CopyFX, a copy trading system, has expanded its geographic footprint

02.10.2014 / 16:30

Dear Clients and Partners!

We’re pleased to inform you that CopyFX project has expanded its geographic footprint and now is available for users from all over the world thanks to the launching of 11 language versions of the project’s official website.


 Chinese Taiwanese Indonesian Malaysian Arabic
 Spanish Italian Portuguese Ukranian Polish

CopyFX system provides users with an opportunity to copy traders’ transactions as well as perform trading operations and attract investors, and then use their investments to increase the profit. The project’s website is at:

Within CopyFX system, you can act as one of the following:

  • Investor

    Using CopyFX, you can choose more successful and reliable Traders to copy their trading strategies to your trading account and keep your trading risks under control.

  • Trader

    Using CopyFX, you can sell your successful trading strategy and earn more thanks to Investors, who will copy transactions from your account and pay you a commission for each profitable transaction or a percentage of the total profit made over a particular trading period.

The project’s website contains all necessary information and functional capabilities for accurate planning and successful trading:

  • Modern minimalistic design, which provides easy search of necessary information.

  • Participants’ rating with a lot of filters and parameters for making a better choice.

  • Investor’s multifunctional calculator, which helps you to calculate your potential profit.

  • Instructions for all participants of the system, which contain practical information about how to work in the system.

RoboForex offers you to test capabilities of CopyFX system using a demo account, which may be opened right from your Live Account or via registration form on the website.

When developing CopyFX, we were committed to three main principles, which are implemented in each of the service’s feature: transparency, convenience, and safety. So, don’t hesitate to join our investment project and remember the main thing:

Invest wisely – copy the profit!

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CopyFX is a system of copying transactions within the framework of the investment project from RoboForex. There are two types of users in CopyFX: Investors and Traders. Different commission and cooperation schemes are available for the participants of the system. CopyFX system has been specifically developed so that you could get profit with minimum efforts and time consumption and increase your funds by investing wisely or sharing your trading experience.