The Australian Dollar stopped growing. Overview for 06.04.2021


The Australian dollar in pair with its American counterpart on Tuesday stopped growing. The current quotation of AUDUSD is 0.7638.

The previous falling of the USD gave Aussie a chance to restore, which it grabbed.

The Reserve bank of Australia has had another meeting today. It decided to leave the interest rate without a change at 0.10% per annum. No sensations had been expected anyway: the Australian economy is just recovering and clearly needs low crediting rates.

The situation in the Australian employment sector is stabilizing; however, to reach all the goals, the government needs time. There might be some problems with the inflation rate and expenses of the population, but as long as the state strategy is stable and the RBA has no craving for preliminary measures, things are going to be calm there, too.

As for macrostatistics, Australia remains absolutely inactice this week. The only thing potentially of interest is the financial stability report by the Bank of Australia that will be published on Friday.


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