EURUSD quotations rose to the of 36 months. Overview for 02.12.2020


This December, the EURUSD pair is full of optimism, renewing the highs of the last 36 months. The current quotation is 1.2005. Previously, the instrument was so expensive on April 30th, 2018.

The interest to risk on various platforms has increased tangibly. This is connected to the anticipation of new stimuli in the US finance and the restoration of global economies. Specifically, I mean the bill discussed in the USA yesterday: it presumes that stimulation by 908 billion USD must start right away to have a visible effect on the economy by March 31st. Inside this package, some 228 billion USD must be allocated for supporting hotel business and services, including restaurants and other small businesses. This is a very good signal for the US economy: it has always got out of the toughest crises fighting at wars and supporting small business. Naturally, the second option is safer and more appealing.

Also, dialog resumed between the US Secretary of the Treasury and the speaker of the House of Representatives. The politicians had held the distance for a month, creating excessive tension in society.

Also, the world is quite optimistic about the vaccine against the coronavirus, believing that it will soon appear. All this drowns the dollar almost literally.


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