Euro vs New Turkish Lira

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MetaTrader 4R StocksTrader
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EURTRY specifications

1 Pip Size0.0001
Size of 1 lot100000 EUR
Swap short (pips)9.0
Swap long (pips)-28.00
Hedged margin50%
Contract size minimum increment (lot)0.01
Minimum price increment (tick size)0.00001
The time of trading session00:05 - 23:55
Term currencyTRY
3-days swapWednesday

EURTRY "Charts" section offers online quotes for the major currency pairs that are traded on Foreign Exchange. Here, you can see Euro vs New Turkish Lira chart. There is no need to refresh Euro vs New Turkish Lira chart, because updated quotes are streaming in real-time mode. You can use these quotes to monitor the current price movements of Euro vs New Turkish Lira or analyze behavior of this trading instrument in the past.

This EURTRY chart shows the quotes received from an external source and should be used for information purposes only. The data displayed in the EURTRY chart may differ from actual quotes of a trading instrument or the execution price in the company’s platforms.

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