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A giveaway of over 200 prizes worth $1,000,000

Take part

from October 2020 to May 2021

  • 30

    winners each month

    Take your chance to become one of the 30 winners each month.

  • х3

    chances to win

    You can receive up to 3 Coupons per month for participation in the promotion.

  • 100k

    a monthly prize pool

    Win up to $20,000 each month before a Grand Prix giveaway.

  • A Grand Prix

    with a prize pool of $300,000

    In May 2021, all Coupons that didn’t take part over the previous 7 months will participate in the final giveaway of 30 prizes.

Market will decide the winners

As transparent system as possible - It's all up to stocks


Apple Inc


Tesla Inc


We’ve chosen stocks of the leading US companies in advance and will make 30 winning combinations based on their prices at the market close on the first Friday of each month. Participants, whose Coupon numbers will be mathematically the closest to the combinations, will become Winners.

More about the promotion rules

How to join?

Trade on Prime accounts, earn with the company as a Partner, become a CopyFX Trader – it’s your call!

  • Trade


    Trade on Prime accounts with the best conditions: spreads from 0 points, commission from 10 USD for 1 million USD of trading volume, leverage up to 1:300.

    Conditions for receiving a Coupon:

    • Deposit at least 300 USD to your account.
    • Perform at least 3* lots of trading operations per month.

    * - Only the positions in Currencies and Metals opened in the current month are taken into account.

    Open Prime account
  • Promote


    Attract clients to the company and receive up to 60% of our revenue.

    Conditions for receiving a Coupon:

    • Partner commission at month-end is at least 300 USD.
  • Provide

    CopyFX Traders

    Earn on your CopyFX strategies and maximize your chances to win a prize.

    Conditions for receiving a Coupon:

    • Being in Top-30 of the best CopyFX Traders on Prime accounts in the current month.
    Open Prime account in CopyFX

Giveaway schedule

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  • October20

    Issued coupons
  • November20

    01/11 - 30/11
    Issued coupons
  • December20

    01/12 - 31/12
    Prize pool is 100,000 USD
  • January21

    01/01 - 31/01
    Prize pool is 100,000 USD
  • February21

    01/02 - 28/02
    Prize pool is 100,000 USD
  • March21

    01/03 - 31/03
    Prize pool is 100,000 USD
  • April21

    01/04 - 30/04
    Prize pool is 100,000 USD
  • May21

    01/10/2020 - 30/04/2021
    Total Coupons participating

Giveaway results

The winners were determined based on the prices at the market close on November 6th, 2020 at 12 PM EET.

  • Prizes:
  • Winning combinations:
  • Winners:
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