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Rules of the offer to celebrate RoboForex’s 11th birthday

  1. The offer period
    1. Coupons for participating in the offer will be distributed starting from July 1st, 2021.
    2. Giveaways for distributed Coupons will be held once a month from August 2021 to May 2022.
  2. Rules of participation
    1. To participate in a giveaway, a client has to receive a Coupon.
    2. Coupons are granted automatically in three categories: a Trader with a Prime account, a Partner, a CopyFX Trader.
      1. Conditions for granting a Coupon for Prime accounts:
        • At least 300 USD* (or equivalent in other currency) must be deposited to an account in the current month.
        • A Client’s trading volume must be at least 3 lots in the current month (Only the positions in currency pairs and metals opened this month are taken into account).

        * - Only the funds deposited to accounts starting from July 1st, 2021 are taken into account.

      2. Conditions for granting a Coupon to partners:
        • At month-end, the total amount of the partner commission must be at least 300 USD (or equivalent in other currency), not including payouts within the frameworks of the company’s Loyalty program.
      3. Conditions for granting a Coupon for CopyFX Trader accounts:
        • Only trading results from CopyFX Prime accounts are taken into account.
        • At month-end, a Trader must be ranked in the CopyFX Top-30 by the profitability on Prime accounts in the current month
    3. The maximum number of Coupons that can be granted to a Client per month is 3, 1 in each category.
    4. Each Coupon participates in a giveaway that takes place the following month after it was granted.
  3. Rules of giveaways
    1. Monthly giveaways will be held on the first Friday of the month following the month when Coupons were distributed.

      For example, Coupons that were distributed in July 2021 will participate in the giveaway after the end of the trading session on August 6th, 2021.

    2. Each giveaway will define 54 winners, whose Coupon numbers will be the closest to winning combinations.

      Rules for defining winning combinations

      Every month, a pair of stocks from the list below will be randomly chosen for each of the 54 winning places. This pair of stocks will remain the same for all giveaways.

      Winning combinations will be defined by closing prices of the chosen stocks on the last trading day of the first week of the month following the month when Coupons were distributed. The data on prices will be taken from an independent public source –

      Place1Combination AAPL+MSFT
      Place2Combination MSFT+AAPL
      Place3Combination AMZN+GOOGL
      Place4Combination GOOGL+AMZN
      Place5Combination MVRS+BRK-B
      Place6Combination BRK-B+MVRS
      Place7Combination TSLA+V
      Place8Combination V+TSLA
      Place9Combination NVDA+JPM
      Place10Combination JPM+NVDA
      Place11Combination JNJ+WMT
      Place12Combination WMT+JNJ
      Place13Combination UNH+MA
      Place14Combination MA+UNH
      Place15Combination PYPL+BAC
      Place16Combination BAC+PYPL
      Place17Combination PG+HD
      Place18Combination HD+PG
      Place19Combination DIS+ADBE
      Place20Combination ADBE+DIS
      Place21Combination CMCSA+XOM
      Place22Combination XOM+CMCSA
      Place23Combination KO+VZ
      Place24Combination VZ+KO
      Place25Combination CRM+INTC
      Place26Combination INTC+CRM
      Place27Combination NFLX+ORCL
      Place28Combination ORCL+NFLX
      Place29Combination CSCO+PFE
      Place30Combination PFE+CSCO
      Place31Combination LLY+T
      Place32Combination T+LLY
      Place33Combination NKE+PEP
      Place34Combination PEP+NKE
      Place35Combination ABBV+CVX
      Place36Combination CVX+ABBV
      Place37Combination ABT+MRK
      Place38Combination MRK+ABT
      Place39Combination AVGO+TMO
      Place40Combination TMO+AVGO
      Place41Combination DHR+TMUS
      Place42Combination TMUS+DHR
      Place43Combination ACN+WFC
      Place44Combination WFC+ACN
      Place45Combination UPS+MCD
      Place46Combination MCD+UPS
      Place47Combination TXN+COST
      Place48Combination COST+TXN
      Place49Combination MDT+MS
      Place50Combination MS+MDT
      Place51Combination PM+QCOM
      Place52Combination QCOM+PM
      Place53Combination BMY+HON
      Place54Combination HON+BMY

      Example of defining a winning combination:

      If on the day of defining a winning combination, AAPL and MSFT stocks close at 133.40 and 264.54 respectively, the winning combinations for the 1st place will be 340454.

    3. The schedule of all giveaways can be found on the promotion page. Results of each held giveaway will be published on the same page as well.
    4. In the case when numbers of two Coupons are equally close to a winning combination, a Coupon with a bigger numeric value of the number wins.

      Example of defining a winner in controversial situations:

      Winning combination: 723044
      Potential winners’ Coupon numbers: 723034 and 723054
      Winner: 723054

    5. A Client can win only in one nomination of a monthly giveaway. If Client’s Coupons win in several nominations, a Client will only receive one prize, the one with the biggest prize money. Other winning Coupons of this Client will not be taken into account when defining prizes in other nominations.
  4. Prize pool and distribution of prizes among winners
    1. The total prize pool of the offer is 1,100,000 USD.
    2. Prize pools of monthly giveaways (July 2021 – April 2022) are 110,000 USD each.

      Distribution of prizes among winners of monthly giveaways (July 2021 – April 2022)

      Prize categoryPrize money (USD)Number of prizes
      Prize category 1Prize money (USD)20 000Number of prizes 1
      Prize category 2Prize money (USD)15 000Number of prizes 1
      Prize category 3Prize money (USD)10 000Number of prizes 1
      Prize category 4Prize money (USD)7 500Number of prizes 1
      Prize category 5Prize money (USD)5 000Number of prizes 1
      Prize category 6Prize money (USD)3 000Number of prizes 1
      Prize category 7Prize money (USD)2 500Number of prizes 1
      Prize category 8 - 54Prize money (USD)1 000Number of prizes 47

      The total number of winners in each giveaway is 54.

  5. Procedure for receiving prize money
    1. Winners will receive their prize money to their USD-based Wallets. In case a winner doesn’t have an active USD-based Wallet, the prize will be transferred to their USD-based accounts. In case a winner doesn’t have any USD-based Wallets or accounts, the prize will be transferred to an account with the other base currency within a month after the giveaway date with the fund conversion according to the company’s internal rates valid on the transfer date.
    2. Clients can use their prize money in trading or withdraw it from trading accounts via any withdrawal method available at the company without any additional conditions.