"VIP-Fix" offer: irreducible level of the VIP program throughout the year of 2017

16.12.2016 / 15:53

Dear Clients and Partners!

Only until January 31st 2017, you have an opportunity to lock in your level of the VIP program and enjoy exclusive offers for prime customers without any limitations throughout the next 11 months.

Within the framework of "VIP-Fix" offer, you can lock in one of the four levels of the VIP program, which will be irreducible throughout the year. For the next 11 months, this level will not decrease regardless the amount of funds on your accounts. However, you can improve your status up to higher levels at any moment by fulfilling the necessary requirements.

To lock in the irreducible level of the VIP program until the end of 2017

From December 16th 2016 to January 31st 2017, deposit your trading account with the net deposit amount*, which is corresponding to the chosen program level:

The VIP program level / The net deposit amount



from 3,000
to 10,000 USD



from 10,000
to 30,000 USD



from 30,000
to 100,000 USD



more than
100,000 USD

* - The net deposit amount is the difference between the sum of all deposits and the sum of all withdrawals made during the period of the offer. The amount of the funds on the account prior to the start of the offer is not taken into account.

On February 1st 2017, upon fulfilling all requirements of the program, you will lock in the chosen level and enjoy the benefits and offers of this level throughout the year of 2017.

 To read more about each of the program levels and the conditions of participation, visit "VIP Program" page of our website.