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RoboForex introduces Crypto.TOP and Crypto.ALT - new progressive instruments, which allow traders to leave the search for the most profitable assets in the past. When buying Cryptoindexes, you invest in the growth of the whole cryptocurrency market, not just into individual instruments.

  • 326.2 BCrypto.TOP
  • 193.6 BCrypto.ALT
  • 172.3 BBitcoin
  • 58.7 BTesla Inc

* - Market capitalization for the last year.

A smart way of investing

All the cryptocurrency market in one position


High Volatility

Don't miss an opportunity to profit from the high price fluctuations.


Risk Diversification

Buy just one Cryptoindex - it is more profitable than holding several positions in cryptocurrencies.


Growing Market

Become a farseeing trader,
who invests in the future.

Invest in cryptomarket

What is a Cryptoindex?

Cryptoindex or an index on cryptocurrencies is a financial instrument consisting of several assets of the digital (cryptocurrency) market. Its price represents the ratio of prices of the instruments included in it, which are changing according to their market performance. Investments in Cryptoindexes are an opportunity to track and earn on the price changes of a set of cryptocurrencies, which reflect the market dynamics.

Crypto.TOP index

Crypto.TOP consists of 3 "top" cryptocurrencies responsible for the dynamics of the whole cryptomarket. This fact makes Crypto.TOP one of the most attractive instruments for investments.

  • 1709.14 %

    Cumulative Return
  • 540 089 274 076$

  • 25.67%

    Weekly price change

  • BTCUSD 1

  • ETHUSD 10

  • XRPUSD 5,000

Crypto.ALT index

Alternative index, Crypto.ALT, will allow you to considerably expand your investment portfolio due to the simultaneous purchase of five cryptocurrencies. When you trade Crypto.ALT, you manage the most significant assets of the digital market.

  • 3036.42 %

    Cumulative Return
  • 132 307 020 694$

  • 28.89%

    Weekly price change

  • ETHUSD 0.5

  • XRPUSD 400

  • LTCUSD 2.5

  • DSHUSD 0.75

  • BCHUSD 0.3

Invest in cryptomarket

Cryptoindexes Trading in MetaTrader

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    Technologically advanced and user-friendly trading platforms will help you to manage your positions from any device and from around the globe. Trade Cyrptoindices in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms with one of the best trading conditions in the industry. We guarantee a high order execution speed based on Non Dealing Desk technology with an average speed of 12 milliseconds.

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