Welcome Bonus 30 USD

  1. How can I receive Welcome Bonus 30 USD?
  2. I’ve fulfilled all condition of "Welcome Bonus 30 USD" program. When will I receive it?
  3. Why isn’t the field for entering Welcome Bonus 30 USD code displayed in my Members Area?
  4. I’ve entered Welcome Bonus 30 USD code, but extra funds haven’t been transferred to mu account. Why?
  5. I haven’t received the confirmation code. What do I do?
  6. How long is the confirmation code valid?
  7. May I withdraw extra funds received within the framework of "Welcome Bonus 30 USD" promotion from the account?
  8. May I withdraw the profit received when trading with the extra funds received within the framework of the promotion?
  9. Are there any restrictions that are applied to trading operations using extra funds?
  10. Are extra funds written off from the account due to inactivity?


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