Análisis Fundamental de Forex

El análisis fundamental es un método para evaluar lo que está sucediendo en el mercado en ese mismo momento y lo que podría suceder en el futuro sobre la base de factores y eventos externos. Para el mercado de divisas, tales factores son noticias, estadísticas económicas y financieras, reuniones de bancos centrales y discursos ofrecidos por sus autoridades. El enfoque fundamental permite analizar las perspectivas a corto y a largo plazo.


The Euro is slowly correcting. Overview for 12.08.2020

On Wednesday morning, EURUSD is slowly falling and regaining positions.

The Aussie is being pulled down. Overview for 12.08.2020

AUDUSD is falling on Wednesday; the statistics didn’t impress investors.

The Australian Dollar is in the “black” again. Overview for 11.08.2020

Despite some weak statistics, AUDUSD found a reason for growth for the first time in several days.

The USD got more expensive. Overview for 10.08.2020

EURUSD fell a little bit due to the American statistic but not for long.

The Yen stopped rising. Overview for 07.08.2020

At the end of the first August week, USDJPY slowed down its growth; at the moment, it is consolidating.

The Pound is keeping its positive momentum. Overview for 06.08.2020

GBPUSD is rising on Thursday; everybody liked the BoE’s decisions.

The Pound hopes to grow. Overview for 05.08.2020

GBPUSD is trying to rise but the impulse isn’t strong enough.

The Euro is accompanied by small purchases. Overview for 05.08.2020

On Wednesday morning, EURUSD is still rising; investors are interested in risks.