Trading account
with increased spread

Increase your partner commission with the help of client Affiliate accounts.

  • Affiliate accounts are accounts with intentionally increased spread or commission.
  • Suitable for partners, who provide their clients with Expert Advisors or trading signals.
  • Increase in profits

    Affiliate accounts help you increase your partner payouts by 2.5 times.

  • Market Execution

    Instant order execution and highest quality of processing of each order.

  • Variety of instruments

    Affiliate accounts offer you to trade Currency pairs, Indices, and Metals.

What are Affiliate accounts?

  • Increased spread
    and commission values

    We’ve intentionally increased spread values and commission for a transaction on Affiliate accounts. By doing this, we allow RoboForex partners to receive higher profit within frameworks of our Partner program. In comparison with other account types, Affiliate accounts allow to receive 2.5x more profit.

  • For partners, who provide Expert Advisors
    or signals

    Affiliate accounts are very convenient for partners, who provide their clients with additional services. Commonly, these are Expert Advisors or signals. When EAs and signals are used in trading, increased spread is not the major factor that significantly influences trading results.

What types of Affiliate accounts are there?

You can offer your clients affiliate accounts of Cent Affiliate, Pro-Affiliate and ECN Affiliate types.

Cent AffiliatePro-AffiliateECN Affiliate