Start earning with the CopyFX Partner program

Receive payment for the investors you have attracted. The process is simple:

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    1. The Trader

    trades in CopyFX and receives a commission from their Investors

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    2. Investors

    begin copying the Trader’s strategy to generate profit

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    3. The Partner

    attracts Investors and can receive a portion of the Trader's commission

Become a Partner

How to start attracting Investors

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    Go to your RoboForex Members Area

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    Select a top Trader from the CopyFX Rating

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    Generate a partner link, and use it to attract Investors and earn a commission

Calculate your commission


Your total commission will be

3 750
Investor’s Profit * Trader's commission * Partner’s commission

Investor’s Profit is the total gain of an investor from the trades they copied from a Trader.

Trader's commission is a percentage of the Investor's profit that the Investor pays for their subscription.

Partner’s commission is a percentage of the Trader’s commission received from the Investors you referred.

The data in the calculator is for informational purposes only.

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Can I refer clients to CopyFX Traders if I am already a RoboForex Partner?

Yes, you can. To participate in the program, simply select a Trader from the Rating, generate a partner link in their profile, and promote the Trader's services among potential Investors. If you want to include the attracted Investor in your partner network, simply add your AgentID (partner code) to the generated link. You can do this on the "Partner Links" page of your Members Area.

Can I attract Investors to the accounts of different Traders?

Yes, it is possible! You can do this by generating a separate partner link for each Trader. You can track the performance of all the links you have generated on the "CopyFX Partners links" page of your Members Area.

When will I receive my commission?

The Partner's commission is transferred immediately after the Trader receives a commission from the Investor. It occurs in two cases:1. At the end of the investment period specified by the Trader. The commission is transferred to the Trader’s account on Saturdays from 10:00 server time. It is then calculated and transferred to the Partner.2. After the termination of the subscription by the Investor. The commission is transferred to the Trader’s account a few minutes after the termination, after which it is calculated and transferred to the Partner.