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History and milestones

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RoboForex received its first licence

In 2009, RoboForex started its crusade to conquer the financial industry. Since the moment the company was established, its list of products and services significantly expanded keeping excellent quality on each stage.

Access to cent accounts for clients

The first major improvement implemented by RoboForex was the opportunity to open cent accounts, which allow clients to effectively test their Expert Advisors and make their first steps in financial markets with minimum investments.

Trading on RoboForex accounts through MetaTrader 5

RoboForex became one of the first to offer access to trading through MetaTrader 5. The platform’s beta version was introduced to the financial community in 2009 and a couple of years later, MT5 became a new standard in the industry.

Launch of a proprietary copy-trading system

In 2012, RoboForex announced a proprietary copy-trading system, which is now called CopyFX. Since the moment it was launched, the number of CopyFX users has been increasing with every passing year and the company continues investing in its development.

  • Fastest Growing ECN Broker Eastern Europe 2012
  • Silver Sponsor of Automated Trading Championship 2012

Launch of a proprietary web platform

This year was marked by the release of a beta version of a new web platform from RoboForex named WebTrader. The platform helped the company’s clients to get more flexible and mobile access to trading on MT4 accounts.

  • Best Execution Broker, Eastern Europe 2013
  • The Best ECN Broker 2013

Accession to the Financial Commission

In 2014, RoboForex became a member of the Financial Commission. This organisation was established as an alternative resolution committee for resolving disputes between its participants and retail traders.

Addition of CFD instruments

Starting 2015, RoboForex clients have the opportunity to trade not only currency pairs but also CFDs on metals, US and EU stocks, and indices.

Launch of a stock trading platform

In 2016, the company continued the development of its proprietary products and solutions and released a platform called R StocksTrader. The platform now offers over 12,000 instruments for trading, including more than 3,000 real stocks listed on NYSE and NASDAQ.

  • The Best ECN Broker 2016

Introduction of Prime accounts

The company’s premium product, a Prime account, appeared in 2017. The key feature and advantage of this account type are the best possible conditions for spreads and commission, which are pretty similar to those of liquidity providers.

Partnerships with Andrei Kulebin

Starting 2018, RoboForex has been sponsoring a successful Muay Thai fighter and coach Andrei Kulebin. This friendship and cooperation are getting stronger with every passing day giving strengths for new ideas and challenges.

  • Safest Broker 2018

Verify My Trade (VMT) audit

RoboForex is constantly audited by Verify My Trade, the partner of the Financial Commission, to confirm its compliance with the high standards established by the Financial Commission for its members.

  • Best Investment Products, Global 2019
  • Best Stock Broker 2019
  • Best Investment Platform 2019

Promotion for $1,000,000 to celebrate RoboForex’s 10-year birthday

To celebrate its 10-year birthday, the company decided to distribute gifts to its clients and partners. RoboForex conducted a huge promotion and for 8 straight months was giving away prizes for a total of $1 million.

  • Best Mobile Trading App 2020
  • Most Trusted Broker 2020
  • Best Partnership Program 2020

CopyFX in MetaTrader 5

This year, the copy-trading system CopyFX moved to a new level. Starting 2021, traders can work within the system on MetaTrader 5 accounts.

  • Best Mobile Trading App 2021
  • Most Transparent Broker 2021
  • Best Prime Trading Account 2021
  • Best Multi Asset Trading Platform 2021

New conditions for the Partner programme

We've increased the commission rates for our partner programme, offering our partners a staggering 84% of company profits.

  • Best Partners Programme 2022
  • Most Reliable Broker 2022
  • Best Mobile Trading App 2022
  • Most Trusted Broker 2022

Addition of CFDs on futures

Since 2023, RoboForex has offered its clients the opportunity to trade CFDs on futures on the MetaTrader 4/5 and R StocksTrader platforms.

  • Best Trading Conditions 2023
  • Best Partner Program 2023
  • Best Copy Trading Platform 2023
  • Best Mobile Trading App 2023

About RoboForex

RoboForex has been operating since 2009 and is regulated by the FSC, license No. 000138/7.

From the moment of its foundation, RoboForex has always been focused on providing best trading conditions using innovative technologies and many years of experience. RoboForex is a financial brokerage company, which offers 9 asset types and more than 12,000 instruments for trading. We’re very proud of a variety of services we provide our clients and partners with, which are of the same quality for all, regardless their experience and amount of their investments.

RoboForex Ltd regulation

RoboForex Ltd is a financial brokerage company with the FSC license.

    • FSC

      RoboForex Ltd has a special brokerage license FSC "Trading in financial and commodity-based derivative instruments and other securities" under the number 000138/7.

      The regulator ensures that only the most reliable and socially responsible companies receive the license to operate within Belize and beyond.

      As a financial market regulator, FSC carries out certification of and control over the market members, as well as guarantees efficiency, honesty and transparency of the work of its grantees.

    • The Financial Commission

      RoboForex Ltd is an official participant of The Financial Commission, an international organization, which resolves disputes between its participants and their clients.

      RoboForex Ltd, which is an "A" category member, also is a participant of The Commission’s Compensation Fund. The Compensation Fund is a service included with Financial Commission membership which provides protection up to €20,000 per case should a Member refuse to adhere to a judgment from the Financial Commission. For more information, click here.

      Starting 2018, RoboForex Ltd regularly undergoes quality auditing review of order execution on the Verify My Trade service, partner of the Financial Commission that provides for objective evaluation of how brokerage companies execute trade orders. Successful completion of this procedure confirms the company's compliance with the strict requirements of the Financial Commission to its members.

Past sponsorship

RoboForex was the official sponsor of Muay Thai fighter and kickboxing world champion Andrei Kulebin

Past sponsorship

"Starikovich-Heskes Team"
sponsorship at the Dakar 2017

Winner of more than 10 prestigious awards

Financial brokerage RoboForex is recognised by the most respected experts of the financial industry.

  • 2023

    Best Mobile Trading App

    GF Awards - B2B

  • 2022

    Most Trusted Broker

    International Business Magazine Awards

  • 2022

    Most Transparent Broker

    World Economic Magazine Awards

Security of Clients' Funds

Your funds are completely secure when you trade with RoboForex.


    Regulated activity

    RoboForex Ltd is a financial brokerage company regulated by the International Financial Services Commission Belize,
    license No. 000138/7.


    Negative balance protection

    In case the market volatility prevents clients from keeping a positive balance on their accounts, RoboForex Ltd automatically sets the balance to zero.


    Compensation Fund of The Financial Commission

    The Compensation Fund is a service included with Financial Commission membership which provides protection up to €20,000 per case should a Member refuse to adhere to a judgment from the Financial Commission. For more information, click here.


    Civil Liability insurance program

    RoboForex has implemented a Civil Liability insurance program for a limit of 2,500,000 EUR, which includes market-leading coverage against omissions, fraud, errors, negligence, and other risks that may lead to financial losses of clients.

Exclusive trading platforms and technologies

Taking into account the needs of nowadays traders, RoboForex developed trading platforms especially for its clients. Along with the most popular platforms in the industry, they offer a great deal of terminals for comfortable trading.

Exclusive trading platforms and technologies
  • The Company’s proprietary web platform was developed especially for RoboForex clients. It runs on all desktop and mobile browsers.

  • A compact mobile application, which can easily match fully functional desktop terminals.

  • A multi-asset web-based trading platform with the fastest financial charts in the industry and advanced tools for technical analysis.

  • A mobile version of R StocksTrader platform for iOS/Android, which allows you to trade from your smartphone or tablet.

  • A copy-trading system for simple and short-term investment offering a simple and convenient way to copy transactions.

Leading platforms in the industry

  • MetaTrader 4 is the most popular trading platforms on the market, which includes a lot of informational materials, trading robots, and indicators.

  • The latest version of MetaTrader 4 with an opportunity to choose from netting/hedging systems.

The Company’s business profile

Head office2118 Guava Street, Belama Phase 1,
Belize City, Belize
RegulationRoboForex Ltd is regulated by the FSC, license 000138/7, reg. number 000001272. RoboForex Ltd, which is an "A" category member of The Financial Commission, also is a participant of its Compensation Fund.
Liquidity providers8
Trading instrumentsMore than 12,000
Asset types9 (Stocks, Indices, ETFs, Currencies, Commodities, Energies, Metals, CFDs on futures)
Investment products1 (CopyFX)
Trading platforms5 (MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, R WebTrader, R MobileTrader, R StocksTrader)

    24/7 Online support

    A professional team that works in RoboForex Live Support is ready to answer your questions 24/7.


    More than 20 payments systems

    Choose the most convenient way for you to deposit and withdraw funds.


    9 asset classes

    Get access to the world’s largest markets by means of RoboForex accounts and platforms.


    Multiple account currencies

    Simplify your cooperation with the Company using your national currency as the base one.