Premium affiliate program

Revenue Share 50%

Instant partner commission

Up to


Loyalty program up to 20%

of the total partner commission

Example of the partner commission calculation


You attracted
50 clients


Their total trading volume
is 500 lots in EURUSD
500 * 13 = 6,500 USD


(6,500 * 0.5) * 1.05 = 3,412.5 USD

Broker revenue*

50% revenue share**

5% Loyalty program

Your profit

50% of profit for cryptocurrencies

24/7 trading the most advanced instruments

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Why RoboForex Affiliate?


    No Payout Limits
    No restrictions on the maximum payments per month or per client.


    Daily Payments
    We automatically transfer your partner commission to your account on a daily basis.


    No Deals Restrictions
    We pay for all trades without any limits.


    No Bonus Restrictions
    We pay for the trading volume made using the bonus funds without any restrictions.


    24/7 Support
    RoboForex Support is available 24/7 to your assistance.


    Simple Analytics
    The Partner can receive the complete information about clients they attracted in the corresponding sections of Members Area in real-time.

Loyalty program

RoboForex Loyalty program will help to increase your profit up to 20%.

The program implies that the partner will get additional percentage of the total sum of the partner commission received by them on monthly results.

  • Your profit
    500 - 5,000 USD


    Payout up to

    250 USD

  • Your profit
    5,000 - 15,000 USD


    Payout up to

    1,500 USD

  • Your profit
    15,000 - 30,000 USD


    Payout up to

    4,500 USD

  • Your profit
    more than 30,000 USD


    Payout starting from

    6,000 USD

Loyalty program payouts are transferred automatically to the partner’s account on a monthly basis.

Boost your profit by 1.8x times

with increased markup client accounts

times profit

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Multi-level affiliate commission

The multi-level system of affiliate commission implies that the Partner is paid the commission for the clients attracted by their sub-partners.

Partner account



We pay extra commission from the Sub-Partner’s Revenue



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Best RoboForex Partners



    Trading Volume


  • 1st

    394,000 $

    13.3 bn

    1,800,000 $

  • 2nd

    389,000 $

    8.3 bn

    457,000 $

  • 3d

    262,721 $

    7.2 bn

    3,500,000 $

Withdraw your profit at any time

More than 20 withdrawal options

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