New way to deposit trading accounts using VISA/MasterCard cards

14.07.2014 / 17:10

Dear Clients and Partners!

We are pleased to announce that from now on you can deposit your trading accounts using VISA/MasterCard cards via the WireCapital processing center, the company with the proven business reputation in the sphere of online payments. Currently, the key markets of WireCapital are the European and Russian ones.


According to GuruTrade, WireCapital uses unique processing architecture and clear risk management system allowing to make fast, transparent, and secure payments both for Company’s clients and partners. Minimum transfer amount for this system comprises 10 USD and commission for depositing is still compensated by RoboForex.

Detailed step-by-step instructions on this way of depositing your account can be found in "Credit/Debit cards (Wirecapital)" section of our website.


WireCapital is the European multi-bank processing center operating in Russia, EU, and CIS as well as in other jurisdictions worldwide. WireCapital is the only company in the world that due to its unique processing architecture and risk management system has been fully certified in compliance with PCI DSS in just 35 days. The main task of WireCapital is to provide its clients with the convenient, transparent and secure online payment service of the European level.