Changes for partners: cancellation of MTP, improvement of Multi-level, new loyalty program

02.11.2015 / 15:40

Dear Partners!

Starting November 9th 2015, RoboForex Affiliate programs will be fundamentally improved, thus allowing the participants to receive more profit from their attracted clients on more favorable terms.

Make the most profit of cooperation with RoboForex:

Requirements for MTP (Minimum Trading Points) will be cancelled
For all types of Affiliate programs and accounts

From now on, affiliate commission will be paid for all transactions without any exceptions, which will automatically increase partners’ profit by 30% on the average.

Motivational "Loyalty program"
Receive more profit each month!

"Loyalty program" for RoboForex partners will help to increase your Affiliate program profit up to 20%. The program implies that the partners will get additional percentage of the total sum of affiliate commission received by them on monthly results:


from 500
to 5,000 USD


from 5,000
to 15,000 USD


from 15,000
to 30,000 USD


more than
30,000 USD

More detailed information about "Loyalty program" will be published on the Company’s website in the nearest future.

Expansion of the 5-level system of affiliate commission
More opportunities for partners and their clients!

The multi-level system of affiliate commission will be also available to partners with "Agent" status. And you will be allowed to create your own affiliate network attracting clients with any type of account, including ECN and Affiliate ones.

Commission rates of the multi-level system remain the same:

  • for the clients of the 2nd level – 20%
  • for the clients of the 3rd level – 15%
  • for the clients of the 4th level – 7%
  • for the clients of the 5th level – 3%

Simplification of affiliate commission calculation
and unification of affiliate commission rates

The single affiliate commission rates (specified as percentage of spread or commission paid by the client when making a transaction: 10% (Agent), 20% (Start), 30% (Expert), 40% (VIP) will be applied to all Fix and Pro standard and cent accounts, as well as to ECN-FixSpread NDD and ECN NDD accounts.

The average spread value for all account types and trading instruments can be found on "Contract specifications" page of our website.

You can calculate the exact amount of affiliate commission using "Affiliate calculator" after the changes come into effect.

Commission rates for Affiliate accounts will remain the same.

We remind out partners about the following RoboForex advantages:

The commission is paid without any limitations for how long the client’s
transaction is executed
The commission is paid without any limitations for the amount of bonuses
received by the client
The commission is paid in a daily basis; there are no limitations for
the transaction and the client
In addition to that, we’re created several more exclusive offers and product for the partners, who are in successful cooperation with the Company. These innovations are intended for improvement of cooperation results in the first place. More detailed information will be available in our next piece of news.

The following information is important for the existing RoboForex partners:

The cooperation agreements for the partners, who work with the Company upon special terms and conditions, will remain intact, and the introduced innovations will be available to them in full.

All above-mentioned changes will be effective as of November 9th 2015, at the same time they will be introduced to the Partner agreement.