The Euro intends to keep moving. Overview for 10.10.2019


The major currency pair continues growing slowly; market players are waiting for the news from US-China negotiators.

On Thursday morning, EURUSD intends to keep moving. The current quote for the instrument is 1.0987.

Yesterday, the US Federal Reserve published its September Meeting Minutes, where investors could see signals relating to increasing risks of a slowdown in the US economy. Monetary policymakers have a clear overview of slowdown in inflation and production, as well as export parameters. Also, they talk about increased uncertainty and complications in global trade.

In addition to that, the regulator mentioned a slight possibility of quick inflation growth in response to the rate cuts. In fact, it means that the inflation is not expected to react to the loose monetary policy, hence the initial version of the rate cut as a political decision was correct. 

When it comes to inflation, the Fed’s members aren’t on the same page: some believe that its weakness is temporary, others say it’s a new reality.  

By the way, in the evening the USA is going to report on the inflation for September. The indicator is expected to remain at +0.1% m/m, the same as in August. The Core CPI, in its turn, may add 0.2% m/m in September after being +0.3% m/m in the previous month. 


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