Fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis is a method of evaluating what is happening on the market right now and might happen in the future on the basis of external events and factors. For the currency market, such factors are news, economic and financial statistics, meetings of global Central banks, and speeches delivered by their representatives. Fundamental approach allows to analyze both short- and long-term perspectives.

To draw conclusions based on fundamental analysis, it is desirable for a trader to understand the economic and political situation and be able to analyze the news of the financial market. This will help to predict price fluctuations with a high probability. Adherents of fundamental analysis follow the news of financial markets and find connections between them, after which they change the trading strategy in the necessary direction. There is also an easier way to apply fundamental analysis - to follow the forecasts from specialists. On this page, you can see the forecasts made by RoboForex experts using fundamental analysis.


EUR is poised to wait. Overview for 04.03.2034

EURUSD investors are conserving energy ahead of the week's statistics.

AUD stumbled again. Overview for 04.03.2024

The AUDUSD pair decreased moderately on Monday.

GBP took a pause. Overview for 01.03.2024

The GBPUSD pair stabilised after the bears' attack.

EUR managed to stabilise. Overview for 01.03.2024

The EURUSD pair regained balance after two days of decline.

JPY strengthened. Overview for 29.02.2024

The USDJPY pair came under local pressure.

EUR awaits news. Overview for 29.02.2024

The EURUSD pair has entered a flat range, likely temporarily.

AUD deepened its decline. Overview for 28.02.2024

The AUDUSD pair is declining following the release of inflation data.

NZD is on the decline. Overview for 28.02.2024

The NZDUSD pair is declining on Wednesday following comments from the RBNZ.