What is ​​StrategyQuant?

Create, backtest, and optimize trading robots for MT4 in intuitive interface in cooperation with StrategyQuant

Strategy Quant is a program for generating trading robots capable of creating unique trading strategies based on an array of data and analysis tools. Strategy Quant is actively used by professional traders, not only helping them create effective advisors, but also improving existing trading strategies, highlighting their vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Strategy Quant removes the need for programmers and helps to create open-source trading strategies.

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* - Only the funds deposited after November 10th 2016 are taken into account for getting access to StrategyQuant products. The funds deposited prior to November 10th 2016 are not taken into account.

** - To retain access to StrategyQuant products after the first month, your trading volume has to be at least 5 standard lots per month.

What product to choose?

PlatformWeb, MobileDesktop
No programming skills required
Number of created robots is not limited
Export of strategies into mt4
Robustness testing
Trading strategies optimization
Creation of trading robots using machine learning

Deposit account and send request

You want to use StrategyQuant products, but don’t know how? Take a look at our library of educational materials:

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Tab 6

Tab 7

  • Example of exporting strategy into MetaTrader 4
  • Creating first strategy in EA Wizard
  • How to backtest strategies
  • Strategy creation process in StrategyQuant
  • Robustness testing
  • It is all about portfolio
  • Importing data from MetaTrader 4 into StrategyQuant


This E-book contains detailed instructions how to work with StrategyQuant software, explains basics of creating and testing strategies, and features information about all necessary software settings.


Risk Warning
RoboForex bears no responsibility for the information provided by StrategyQuant websites and applications, or potential losses resulting from the use of StrategyQuant products. Any forecasts, recommendations or other information provided by StrategyQuant products should not be considered as investment advice.