Share your strategy and earn more

List your strategy in the CopyFX system, attract subscribers with your trading results and add up to 50% of their profit to yours.

The most popular commission scheme

Performance Fee


of your subscribers' overall profit

Payments once every 1, 2 or 4 weeks

Choose this Scheme

Get paid on time

Choose how much and how often you will earn commission from your subscribers. The amount due is paid automatically into your account – just keep trading, and the system will take care of the rest.

3 simple steps to success

  • Register at RoboForex and open a CopyFX account
  • Set the subscription conditions for your account
  • Trade, attract subscribers, and receive commission
Test strategies the right way

Test your strategy before sharing it

If you wish to test your copy-trading strategy or RoboForex trading conditions before joining, we have the right tool for you: a ProCent account. Conduct your tests with lower risks and less capital but within real market conditions.

Highlight your strategy in CopyFX

Meet the copy-trading system designed for better collaboration between traders.

  • A growing trading community for over ten years
  • Transparent and reliable rating system
  • Available on MetaTrader 4/5 and R StocksTrader
  • No additional usage fees
Get partner commission

Become a partner and increase your revenue

In addition to your commission in CopyFX, you can earn commission as a partner by referring new clients to RoboForex: we pay up to 85% from spreads and 20% from swaps for their trading activity.

Learn more about copy trading at RoboForex

CopyFX is a copy-trading system which allows users to connect and automatically copy each other's trading strategies.

A trader can share their copy-trading strategy with others and earn commission from the profit generated by their subscribers.

Or they can take on the role of a subscriber, following the most attractive members in the rating and generating profit on their account without even installing the trading terminal.

CopyFX is a technological solution integrated with RoboForex, which means that you don’t need to install any additional software to use it.

Copy trading and social trading are synonyms for the same type of system in which one user can copy another’s strategy. In this context, CopyFX can be labelled as a "social trading system".

The process depends on the platform where you want to share your strategy.

For MetaTrader 4
Register with RoboForex, then fill in the form on the Open CopyFX trader account page in the Members Area.

For MetaTrader 5
Register with RoboForex and open any MT5 account with the Hedge system enabled.

For R StocksTrader
Register with RoboForex and open an R StocksTrader account with the Hedge system enabled.

After opening the right account, you must deposit at least 100 USD into it to set the subscription conditions and start sharing your strategy.

Most of the CopyFX community prefers MetaTrader 4 to other platforms. The potential number of investors here is higher, but the competition is also higher.

On the other hand, MetaTrader 5 and R StocksTrader, while containing fewer potential subscribers, may allow your strategy to be discovered faster.

CopyFX does not currently support cross-platform copying, but you can still list your strategies on multiple platforms by creating separate CopyFX trader accounts for each platform.

The Performance Fee is the most popular commission scheme among CopyFX traders. It allows you to earn a commission even if not all copied trades were profitable as long as the total result turns into profit.

When choosing the Performance Fee scheme, you set a percentage – from 5 to 50% – that will be deducted from your subscribers’ overall profit as your commission.

The Volume Fee scheme structure is more complex as you earn commission solely for successful trades if the profit for the trade is higher than the amount of commission.

When choosing the Volume Fee scheme, you set a fixed amount – from 1 to 10 USD – per lot that will be deducted from each profitable trade of your subscribers as your commission. Note that if the profit for the trade is lower than the commission amount, the latter will not be paid.

The Subscription Fee is an exclusive scheme for MT5 users. With this feature, you can set a fixed amount – from 5 to 100 USD – that your subscribers must pay for the entire investment period in case of profit.

The Trader without Commission scheme helps new strategies attract more traders by eliminating any trader's commission.

Generally, you receive a commission after the end of the investment period you set on your account. One investment period can last for one, two, or four weeks.

The commission is transferred to your account on Saturday at 1:00 AM server time (for the Volume Fee and Performance Fee schemes) or at midnight on Monday (for the Subscription Fee scheme) at the end of the period.

If your subscriber cancels the subscription before the end of the investment period, the commission is transferred to your account within minutes of the cancellation.

Technically, you won't be sharing your entire trading method for copying. Instead, subscribers will have access to every individual trade executed within your strategy.

This means you can decide on any strategy, whether intraday, scalping or another. Even if you use Expert Advisors for trading, the trades they generate will be available for your subscribers to copy.

Once you deposit at least 100 USD into your CopyFX account, you can set the subscription conditions in your Members Area.

At this step, you choose:

  • The commission scheme
  • The commission amount
  • The duration of the investment period

Please note that if you select the R StocksTrader platform, you can set subscription conditions only in the mobile application or the platform's mobile version.

To set the subscription conditions on your CopyFX account, you must deposit at least 100 USD.