FootballClub Cienciano

RoboForex Ltd is the official sponsor of Club Cienciano from Cusco (Peru), with the history that goes back to 1901. As time went on, the club, which was founded by a group of students of the National Science School of Cusco, moved to a professional level, was a Runner-up in Peruvian Primera División three times and won Copa Sudamericana and Recopa Sudamericana.

  • Three-time Peruvian Primera División Runner-up
  • Copa Sudamericana winner
  • Recopa Sudamericana winner

2018 - through present


Muay Thai fighter and coach Andrei Kulebin

RoboForex Ltd is the official sponsor of a successful Belarusian Muay Thai fighter and coach Andrei Kulebin. Kulebin has more than 200 wins; he is a many-time Thai boxing world champion and an Honored Master of Sports of Belarus.


World champion (IFMA, IPCC, WAKO, WKN, WMC, WMF)


Europe champion (IFMA,WKN)


Auto racing

"Starikovich-Heskes Team" race team at the Dakar 2017

RoboForex Ltd was the official sponsor of the Cypriot race team called "Starikovich-Heskes Team" at the Dakar 2017 rally. The team's pilot Roman Starikovich is an skilled racer with more than 60,000 kilometers of off road experience in Europe, Africa, and Australia.

More than

60,000 km

over rough and smooth in Europe, Africa, and Australia