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CopyFX is a copy-trading system that allows users to connect and replicate each other's strategies.

Traders can share their copy-trading strategies and earn commissions from the profits generated by their subscribers.

Alternatively, traders can become subscribers, follow top-rated members, and generate results without installing a trading terminal.

CopyFX is integrated with RoboForex, eliminating the need for additional software.

Copy trading and social trading are synonymous. Both describe a system where one user can replicate another's strategy. In this sense, CopyFX can be called a "social trading system."

Any RoboForex account, except for demo accounts, is suitable for copy trading. Learn more about our account types here.

Use the Traders rating to filter and sort traders based on factors such as:

  • Profit/Loss (an overall strategy’s profit)
  • Maximum drawdown (% of Equity that was lower than the account’s Balance)
  • Account opened, days (how many days this trader has shared their strategy in CopyFX)
  • Investors (how many investors are subscribed to them)

You can manage your subscriptions in the Members Area. For each strategy you’re subscribed to, you can:

  1. Pause it. After the Pause mode is enabled:
    • New trades from the strategy won’t be copied to your account
    • All trades copied prior to that moment will remain open and will be closed if the author of the strategy closes them
    • You will still be displayed as an active subscriber to this strategy
  2. Cancel it
    Any commissions due for closed trades will be written off your account within minutes of the subscription termination.

Traders who share their strategies in CopyFX display their commission rates publicly, and you can learn them prior to the subscription. The most popular commission scheme is the Performance Fee, where you pay a percentage of your overall profit to the trader.

Read more about the commission schemes here.

The commission due is held on your account until it is transferred to the trader either at the end of an investment period or after the subscription cancellation.

You can withdraw money from your account whenever you want even while having an active subscription. The only amount you can’t withdraw is the commission allocated but not yet transferred to the trader’s account.