Two-step authentication

Two-step authentication
Protect your Live Account using your mobile phone!

Two-step authentication is an excellent opportunity to secure your Members Area even if your e-mail has been cracked. We offer you to enhance the security of your Members Area and protect your personal information and funds from attackers using SMS and backup codes.

  • Sign in your Members Area using SMS code

    When you enter password, you will receive SMS on your mobile phone. You should type 5 digit confirmation code received in SMS to sign in your Members Area. Every code is a unique random code. It will prevent attackers from figuring it out.

  • Sign in your Members Area using pre-generated backup codes

    If your mobile phone is not available, you can use pre-generated backup codes. Backup codes can be stored in the e-form or kept on a piece of paper, for example, in your wallet. Backup codes are only valid for signing in your Members Area. You will need SMS confirmation to withdraw funds from your account. If you use a backup code, because you have lost your mobile phone, you should contact the Support Service. Each code is a unique code and can be used only once.

  • Sending SMS confirmation code for withdrawal or deposit

    We offer to use the highest protection for funds withdrawal. Attackers will not be able to withdraw funds deposited or earned, as each time you want to withdraw funds, you will receive SMS with the confirmation code that you should enter into a special form in your Members Area. Thus, even if attackers have somehow stolen, guessed or cracked the password of your Members Area, they are not able to withdraw funds from it. And SMS received on time will allow you to change your password and contact the Support Service.

  • Sending SMS about authorization in your Members Area

    Every time you sign in your Members Area, you will receive SMS on your mobile phone. If attackers have somehow figured out the password of your Members Area, you will immediately learn about it. Please, note that you cannot activate the service alongside with the service "Sign in your Members Area using SMS code".


Two-step authentication is a free service.

To prevent problems that may arise in case if you have lost your mobile phone, we recommend you to verify your passport and address data.