Improvement of "SMS verification" service

24.01.2012 / 09:32

Dear Clients and Partners!

We are glad to inform you about launching of an additional SMS gateway for sending SMS messages. An additional gateway will increase the number of clients, who can verify their mobile phone number in the “SMS Verification” section of Live Account.

Thus, from now on, most of the RoboForex’s clients, who couldn’t verify their mobile phone numbers earlier, will have an opportunity to do so.

Verification of your mobile phone number allows you to enable a special service, which sends a SMS message to your mobile phone containing a confirmation code when you want to withdraw or transfer money. This service is free of charge and available for all clients of RoboForex, whose mobile phone numbers have passed an automatic verification.

Please note, that some of the mobile network operators are not supported at the moment. However, RoboForex is constantly trying to improve the service and to expand the list of supported mobile network operators. Follow the news!