Reducing Swap expenses

13.07.2012 / 11:18

Dear Clients and Partners!

In order to improve trading conditions, RoboForex is reducing Swap expenses for the following currency pairs: EURUSD,GBPUSD,USDCHF,USDJPY. To view updated Swap rates for these trading instruments, please visit "Contract Specifications" section of our website. The changes are effective for all types of PowerTrader, MetaTrader5 and MetaTrader4 accounts.

Considering that these trading instruments comprise the most part of our clients’ trading volume, we can totally guarantee our clients the reduction of their trading expenses when trading with RoboForex.

Updated Swap rates can be found in the table.

Ticker Swap Long Swap Short
EURUSD 0.043 -0.087
GBPUSD 0.012 -0.198
USDCHF -0.014 -0.167
USDJPY -0.042 -0.151

Swap Long and Swap Short rates are shown in pips, where 1 pip is:

  • For 5-digit currency pairs - the minimum change in the 4th digit after the decimal point (0.0001).
  • For 3-digit currency pairs - the minimum change in the 2nd digit after the decimal point (0.01).