RoboForex improves Affiliate programme conditions

21.01.2022 / 10:30

Dear Partners,

We’ve updated our cooperation conditions – now the maximum profit you can earn as a RoboForex partner is 84% of the broker’s revenue.

Payout amounts have been increased from 50 to 70%

The Affiliate programme is now even more profitable: the rates for Cent Affiliate, ECN Affiliate and Pro Affiliate accounts have been increased up to 70% for all partners and the commission is on a daily basis.

We’ve also launched a dedicated server for Pro Affiliate accounts. It will help to distribute the load and increase the order execution speed.

The Loyalty programme conditions have also been improved

A greater number of partners can now join the programme – the minimum commission amount for receiving payouts is now 100 USD.

Partner commissionPayout percentage
Before Now
100 - 500 USD0%10%
500 - 15 000 USD10%15%
15 000 - 30 000 USD15% 15%
Over 30 000 USD20% 20%

Earn more with RoboForex!

Advertising banners and other materials available in your Members Area will help to get the maximum commission of 84%. Do you want to calculate your potential profit? Use the interactive Affiliate calculator.

FAQ for partners

  1. How will the closure of instruments with the “.a” suffix influence trading operations on Pro Affiliate accounts?

    After 31 March 2022, instruments with the “.a” suffix will no longer be available for trading on Pro, Pro-2, and Pro-3 servers. All positions in these instruments will be closed at the last effective price. Trading on Pro Affiliate accounts is already available on the new server called Pro-4, where the instrument tickers have no suffixes. Payouts to partners for transactions performed on this server are increased up to 70% of the broker’s revenue.

  2. How do I continue trading on Pro Affiliate accounts after 31 March 2022?

    To continue trading, you have to register a new Pro Affiliate account and transfer your funds to it. This operation is already available.

    A new account will be opened on a new dedicated server named Pro-4 and provide you with access to an expanded list of instruments (including CFDs on cryptocurrencies and oil).

  3. Which account types won’t be available for trading instruments with the “.a” suffix?

    Only Pro Affiliate accounts that were opened before 18 January 2022. Other account types and trading servers do not provide access to trading these instruments.

    RoboForex team