Technical Analysis of EUR / USD, GBP / USD, USD / CHF, USD / JPY, AUD / USD, USD / RUB, GOLD on March 1, 2016.


The euro dollar pair has fulfilled the goal to expand the range toward the down. Actually, the sliding trend continues. Today, market tries to perform the test below the level of 1.0912. At this stage, the full correction to the level of 1.1107 is possible. But market there has no reversal patterns for that. Therefore, leave the main scenario - continued development of the wave of reduction in the testing of the level 1.0770.


Currency pair could put growth momentum of consolidation up, but so far without correction. Today we consider the possibility of a return to the level of 1.3880. In the case of the breakdown by the maximum pulse re-examine the possibility of recovery to the level of 1.4000. Then - continued decline trend. In the breakdown of the lows, we will consider reduction to the level of 1.3760.


Currency pair Dollar to Franc is trading in a growth structure for the testing the level of 1.0060. Next, consider the possibility of correction to 0.9960. Then - an increase for testing the level 1.0200.


Currency pair Yen to Dollar has worked out correction by three patterns. It is possible further development of another pattern of sliding to the level of 111.50. Next - consideration of the possibility of growth with returning to the level of 113.00.


Currency pair Australian Dollar to US dollar trades in the consolidation range with pullback from the level 0.7111.The main scenario is the possibility of breakdown of 0.7111 level with the continuation of the sliding to 0.6970 level.


The Russian ruble is now trading in the continued the third descending wave. The goal – level 72. Next in line - consolidation, and if there is a breakdown towards the down, we will consider the possibility of overlapping of levels 69.


Gold has worked out the rise to the upper boundary of the "triangle". Today, we consider the pullback from that boundary and sliding to the lower boundary. It is anticipated the finish of that consolidated pattern, if sliding – we will consider the possibility of breakage of the level 1186. Almost forward to the completion of the consolidation structure, and consider the possibility of reducing the minimum breakdown with working level in 1186.


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