Technical analysis for EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, AUD/USD, USD/RUB, GOLD on 14.09.2016

Currency pair Euro-US Dollar is traded without any distinguishable trend right in the middle of consolidation range. For today, we foresee an exit from the range and further movement towards local goal at the level 1.1160. The main goal is on the level at 1.1100.


Currency pair Pound vs US Dollar is traded within the third descending wave towards the level 1.3146. Then we can expect a pullback to the level at 1.3244 to test it from below. The next thing is downwards movement till the fifth towards the mark at 1.3020.


Currency pair US Dollar-Franc is traded within the third upwards wave. We should expect a downwards movement towards the level at 0.9745. The next will be ascending towards 0.9800. Afterward, we expect further consolidation range evolving, in case we saw upper boundary breakage there would be an opportunity for the second part of the third wave. Local goal is on the level 0.9895.


Currency pair US Dollar-Yen is traded within another ascending formation. We are not ruling out the chance for the fifth evolving towards the level 104.50. The following upwards impulse might push the price beyond that goal. However, we consider the whole wave as a correction. Then we expect the pair to descend in accordance with the current trend towards level 98.00. The goal is local.


Currency pair Australian Dollar-US Dollar has broken the lower boundary of consolidation range. By the matter of fact, we consider the continuation of the trend towards 0.7400 like a possible one. Now the market is playing with the last part of this descending wave. Then we expect correction towards the level 0.7580.


Currency pair US Dollar vs Russian Ruble is traded within a narrow consolidation range. If there was an upper boundary breakage, then we would consider movement towards 66.00. If there was a lower boundary breakage, then the way towards the mark at 63.00 would be opened.


The gold is traded with upward pressure. We consider a possibility of forming another wave towards 1327. Then pullback to the level at 1320.


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