Technical analysis EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, AUD/USD, USD/RUB, GOLD for 15.07.2015


After an impulse for reduction The Eurodollar generates a consolidation in a narrow range. Today, we are considering movement down and a continuation in reduction to the level of 1.0900. Next, we will consider the possibility of restoring a test below the 1.1000 level. Then - again a decrease to a down trend.


The pound to dollar pair has formed a trend to continue growth and today broke through the consolidation up. We regard the development of an alternative scenario for the development of the third wave of growth with a working level of 1.5750. This structure may develop the full potential of the wave with the aim of 1.5870 even without the correction. Thus we get a new consolidation range in the daily scale, folding into a global "Triangle".


The Dollar Franc currency pair continues to trade with growth without changing the basic scenario. We expect a 0.9545 level refinement. Next, we do not rule out a reduction in the level to 0.9430. Later, possible new growth for the next target at 0.9593.


The dollar yen pair has performed a correction to the momentum of a decline, but with the development of continuing growth can update the maximum. In this scenario, the figure can show continued growth and the market will be offered an alternative to continued growth to updated highs in line with the stock market. Another goal in this alternative is at the level of 124.67.


The AUD/USD pair within the consolidation range formed the structure of the matrix of growth, not even testing the upper limit of this range. Thus the market set the stage to clot into the "Triangle". Today we will consider a decline to the lower border.


The Russian ruble is trading without a clear trend, continuing to form its consolidation range in the form of the "Triangle". The basic scenario considers the way up to the level of 58.50. Next in line we will consider the wave structure to reduce the level of 52.50.


Gold continues to trade in a consolidation. With moving down we are considering a refinement at the 1140 level. Next in line the structure of the growth to the level of 1173 is expected to develop. Then - another cut to the level of 1113.


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