This promotion ended on April 5th, 2024.

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Rules of the “$1,000,000 to RoboForex partners” 2023 promotion

  1. Promotion timeframes
    1. The Coupons for taking part in the promotion are distributed from 1 June 2023 to 31 March 2024.
    2. The distribution of prizes is organised once a month from July 2023 to April 2024.
  2. Participation rules
    1. The promotion is held among RoboForex partners.
    2. To receive a Coupon for participating in the promotion, a partner has to pass the complete verification of their account (ID and address).
    3. Coupons are assigned to a partner automatically after their monthly partner commission amount attains one or multiple thresholds listed below:
      Amount of monthly commissionNumber of allocated coupons
      Amount of monthly commission500 USD*Number of allocated coupons 1
      Amount of monthly commission 1,000 USD*Number of allocated coupons 2
      Amount of monthly commission 6,000 USD*Number of allocated coupons 4
      Amount of monthly commission 18,000 USD*Number of allocated coupons 8
      Amount of monthly commission 40,000 USD*Number of allocated coupons 16

      * - or the equivalent amount in another currency


      5 June – the partner’s monthly commission attained 300 USD. No coupon is assigned.
      6 June – the partner’s monthly commission attained 1,100 USD. 3 coupons are assigned: one for achieving the 500 USD level, and two for passing the 1,000 USD level.

    4. Loyalty programme payments are not considered.
    5. The maximum number of Coupons the partner can receive per month is 31.
    6. Each Coupon can take part in one monthly raffle only.
  3. Raffle rules
    1. The raffles with the Coupons that were distributed during the previous month are held on the first Friday of every month, subject to it being a working day in the US. 

      For example, Coupons distributed in June 2023 will be raffled after the trading session closes on 7 July 2023.

    2. There are 60 winners every month. To become a winner, a partner’s Coupon number has to be numerically the closest to one of the winning combinations. The winning combinations will consist of the closing prices of the below-listed assets on the last trading day of the first week of the month. Price data is taken from the independent resource,
      Prize 1Combination AAPL+MSFT
      Prize 2Combination MSFT+AAPL
      Prize 3Combination GOOGL+AMZN
      Prize 4Combination AMZN+GOOGL
      Prize 5Combination TSLA+META
      Prize 6Combination META+TSLA
      Prize 7Combination UNH+NVDA
      Prize 8Combination NVDA+UNH
      Prize 9Combination JNJ+WMT
      Prize 10Combination WMT+JNJ
      Prize 11Combination PG+JPM
      Prize 12Combination JPM+PG
      Prize 13Combination XOM+MA
      Prize 14Combination MA+XOM
      Prize 15Combination CVX+HD
      Prize 16Combination HD+CVX
      Prize 17Combination ABBV+LLY
      Place 18Combination LLY+ABBV
      Place 19Combination COST+PEP
      Place 20Combination PEP+COST
      Place 21Combination MRK+ABT
      Place 22Combination ABT+MRK
      Place 23Combination NKE+ACN
      Place 24Combination ACN+NKE
      Place 25Combination ADBE+MCD
      Place 26Combination MCD+ADBE
      Place 27Combination CRM+UPS
      Place 28Combination UPS+CRM
      Place 29Combination TMUS+TXN
      Place 30Combination TXN+TMUS
      Place 31Combination LIN+UNP
      Place 32Combination UNP+LIN
      Place 33Combination QCOM+AXP
      Place 34Combination AXP+QCOM
      Place 35Combination AMGN+HON
      Place 36Combination HON+AMGN
      Place 37Combination IBM+DE
      Place 38Combination DE+IBM
      Place 39Combination AMT+LMT
      Place 40Combination LMT+AMT
      Place 41Combination TGT+GS
      Place 42Combination GS+TGT
      Place 43Combination NFLX+EL
      Place 44Combination EL+NFLX
      Place 45Combination NOW+SPGI
      Place 46Combination SPGI+NOW
      Place 47Combination CB+MMM
      Place 48Combination MMM+CB
      Place 49Combination CCI+CI
      Place 50Combination CI+CCI
      Place 51Combination CME+REGN
      Place 52Combination REGN+CME
      Place 53Combination PSA+NOC
      Place 54Combination NOC+PSA
      Place 55Combination AON+VRTX
      Place 56Combination VRTX+AON
      Place 57Combination EOG+EQIX
      Place 58Combination EQIX+EOG
      Place 59Combination GD+DHR
      Place 60Combination DHR+GD

      Example of calculating a winning combination:

      If on the day of calculating the combination, AAPL shares close at 133.40 and MSFT shares close at 264.54, the winning combination for the first place will be 340454.

    3. The schedule of all raffles is displayed on the promotion’s page. The results of each raffle with the list of the winning combinations are saved on the same page.
    4. In case two Coupons are equally close to the winning combination, the Coupon with the larger numeric value wins.

      Example of choosing a winner in an arguable case:

      The winning combination is 723044.
      The closest Coupon numbers are 723034 and 723054.
      The winning Coupon is 723054.

    5. Each participant of the promotion may only win once within any monthly raffle, i.e. if their Coupons are eligible for multiple prizes, they will only receive the largest one. Other winning Coupons of the participant are not considered when choosing the winners.
  4. The prize fund, and distributing prizes among winners
    1. The total prize fund is $1,000,000.
    2. The prize fund for each raffle is $100,000.

      How prizes are distributed among winners:

      PlacePrize amountNumber of prizes
      Place 1Prize amount $15,000Number of prizes 1
      Place 2Prize amount $10,000Number of prizes 1
      Place 3Prize amount $8,000Number of prizes 1
      Place 4Prize amount $7,000Number of prizes 1
      Place 5Prize amount $5,000Number of prizes 1
      Place 6 - 60Prize amount $1,000Number of prizes 55
    3. The total number of winners in each raffle is 60.
  5. Accrual of prize funds
    1. Prizes are deposited into the winners' USD Wallets. If there are none, prizes are deposited into one of the USD trading accounts. If the Winner has neither Wallets, nor accounts in USD, the prizes will be deposited into their accounts in other base currencies and up to one month after the raffle. The conversion on prize funds will be made according to the internal exchange rate of the company at the time of depositing.
    2. The prize funds can be used for trading, or can be withdrawn from the account or Wallet by any available means and with no additional conditions.

Please note that the essential condition of the promotion is RoboForex's right to deny receiving Coupons or to write off the Coupons from the Partner's account without prior notice and giving reasons.