Promo Margin

Promo Margin for RoboForex clients

Attention! Promo Margin is given only to already registered RoboForex clients at the discretion of the Company.

"Promo Margin" funds are available for MT4/MT5-based ProCent, and Pro accounts.

Conditions of working with Promo Margin

  1. The client has the right to cancel Promo Margin he received at any moment.

  2. During "drawdown", the client’s own funds will be written off in the first place, including the cases when these funds were deposited after receiving Promo Margin.

    Example: you deposited 1,000 cents to your account and received 1,500 cents of Promo Margin. After trading, your profit is -500 cents. According to the Rules of the program, the sum available for withdrawal will be 500 cents, which is the client’s own funds minus the profit.

  3. Once Stop Out takes place, the full amount of Promo Margin funds will be written off from the client’s account.

Please note that RoboForex reserves the right to refuse to grant Promo Margin or write off Promo Margin provided earlier, as well as revoke (cancel) all transactions that have been made using Promo Margin funds. This condition is considered to be accepted by the client starting from the moment of depositing Promo Margin to his trading account.