Welcome Bonus 30 USD - The program conditions

  1. General provisions
    1. Welcome Bonus 30 USD (hereinafter called Welcome Bonus) is a special initial capital, which is given to RoboForex clients, who have fulfilled the conditions of the program.
    2. The amount of the Welcome Bonus is 30 USD or 3,000 cents (depending on the account type). Welcome Bonus can be granted to the account with EUR as the base currency. In this case, Welcome Bonus amount will be converted into EUR according to the Company’s internal exchange rate.
    3. Welcome Bonus is available only on the following types of accounts with USD or EUR as the base currency opened in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms: ProCent, Pro.
    4. Welcome Bonus is not available to the clients, who took part in Welcome Bonus promotions earlier.
    5. To receive Welcome Bonus, you have to fulfil the following conditions:
      1. Pass the personal information, which consists of two required steps – the passport verification and the address verification.
      2. Verify your mobile phone number.
      3. Deposit at least 10 USD / 10 EUR to the trading account using the bank card. Only deposits made through China UnionPay, Maestro, MasterCard, and VISA cards are valid. Deposits made by means of virtual cards issued by payment systems, as well as prepaid cards are not taken into account.
    6. Each client can receive Welcome Bonus only once.
    7. The Programme is not available in the regions where the funds can’t be deposited to a trading account via bank cards, as well as the countries where the Company doesn’t provide its services.
    8. Welcome Bonus is only available for the accounts with the leverage up to and including 1:1000 (the participants of the offer can’t increase their account leverage).
  2. Receiving Welcome Bonus
    1. To receive Welcome Bonus, you have to activate the special code in your Members Area. The code is sent to the participant’s e-mail address, which he specified during the registration.
    2. The clients, who fulfilled all requirements for receiving Welcome Bonus (art. 4 of these Rules), will be sent the letter with the special coupon code automatically.
    3. To activate Welcome Bonus code, you have to:
      1. Go to "Extras" section of your Members Area.
      2. Enter the received code into the required field.
      3. Choose the trading account where extra funds will be transferred to.
      4. Read the conditions of the offer and tick the box if you agree.
    4. Welcome Bonus is transferred to the client’s account within 5 business days.
    5. Validity period of the special code is limited to 30 days. If the code is not used during this period, it will be automatically cancelled and marked as "Expired".
  3. Work with Welcome Bonus
    1. Both the Client’s own funds and extra funds can be used in trading without any limitations and restrictions. In such a case, extra funds can be used during the "drawdown" – in other words, they will not be written off from the account if the equity on the account is less than extra funds until Stop Out takes place.
    2. The Client can withdraw from the account his own funds and the profit without any limitations.


      You deposited your account with 1,000 cents and received 3,000 cents as the Welcome Bonus. After trading, your profit is 1,000 cents. According to the conditions of the program, the sum available for withdrawal will include your profit of 1,000 cents and your own funds of 1,000 cents as well.

    3. During the "drawdown", the client’s own funds will be written off firstly, including the cases when deposits were made after Welcome Bonus had been received.


      You deposited your account with 1,000 cents and received 3,000 cents as Welcome Bonus. After trading, your loss is 500 cents. This loss will be covered by means of the client’s own funds and the sum available for withdrawal will be 500 cents, which is the client’s own funds minus the loss.

  4. Cancellation and writing off
    1. Once Stop Out takes place, extra funds are written off from the client’s account.
    2. The client has the right to reject the received Welcome Bonus at any moment.
    3. The profit received from trading using Welcome Bonus and the client’s own funds will not be written off from the account in none of the above-mentioned cases.
    4. Please note that RoboForex reserves the right to, at any time and without any given reason, refuse to grant the Welcome Bonus or write off the previously issued Welcome Bonus 30 USD from the account, as well as revoke (cancel) all transactions that have been made with the use of the extra funds. This condition is considered to be accepted (agreed with and accepted) by the client starting from the moment of depositing the "Welcome Bonus 30 USD" to their trading account.