Bonus deposit up to 25% rules will be changed

07.03.2011 / 21:44

Dear Clients and Partners!

RoboForex informs you that starting March 10th the terms of the “Bonus deposit up to 25%” program will be changed.

The main changes are the following:

  1. If you have active bonuses in your account, a StopOut takes place once the equity on your account is less than or equal to the sum of all active bonuses.
  2. Once a StopOut takes place, all active bonuses are written off the account.

We’re asking all the participants of the bonus program to be very attentive as these changes will affect not only the bonuses they will receive in the future, but the bonuses they have already received as well. More detailed information on the terms of the bonus program can be found on our site, “Deposit bonus up to 25%” section.