«Rebates» service for ECN accounts

02.11.2011 / 16:36

Dear Clients and Partners!

As a part of our “Forex Rebates Service” program, which more than 8,000 of our clients benefited from, we are glad to inform you about a special offer, «Rebates» service for ECN accounts. This offer allows our clients with MT4 Pro-ECN account to decrease the commission for their orders.

Offer Conditions

1. Time period is from November 1st to December 31st, 2011. Based on the results, it can be extended.

2. Every trading account, opened at the RoboForex ECN server, automatically takes part in the offer.

3. You will get Rebate if:

Your trading volume (only closed orders are taken into account) is more than 700 lots a month. In this case your commission will be recalculated, $2.5 for 1 lot (in one side), and the difference will be transferred to your account in the form of balance operation.

4. «Rebates» that you receive can be used anyway you want - to continue trading or withdraw it from the account.

For example:

If the total number of lots (number of closed orders) on your ECN account in November is 2,500 lots, “Rebates” to be received in the same months will be $2,500.

In the nearest future, more detailed conditions for ECN accounts will be introduced and available in your “Live Account”. Follow the news!