Changes in the affiliate program conditions

08.08.2014 / 15:43

Dear Partners!

We inform you that starting from 13th of August 2014, in the terms and conditions of the affiliate program, the following changes will be added:


1. The verification of the affiliate’s personal data will become mandatory. Withdrawal from the affiliate account and transfer between accounts will be available only after passing the passport and address verification.

2. The maximum size of affiliate’s commission that can be received for one attracted client will be limited:

  • 5,000 USD for the participants of "Agent" and "Webmaster" programs ("Start" and "Expert" levels).
  • 10,000 USD for the participants of the program "Webmaster" ("VIP" level).

You can find the statistics on the amounts of received commission for each attracted client in your Live account in the "Your referrals" section.

3. Minimal requirements will be set out regarding the number of active clients, attracted by an affiliate:

  • For the participants of the "Agent" program - at least 3 active clients.
  • For the participants of the "Webmaster" program ("Start" level) - not less than 5 active clients.

4. The requirements for the minimal trading turnover of the attracted clients of the "'Webmaster" affiliate program ("VIP" level) will be changed to - from 5,000 lot/per month.

The appropriate changes will be added into the new edition of the Affiliate Agreement, which will come into force starting from 13th of August 2014.

In the new edition of the agreement, the following amendments, additions and clarifications have been added:

  • Change of numbering in sections: 2, 4, 6.
  • Changed items: 2.10.2, 4.2.8, 6.17.
  • Added new items: 2.7, 2.8, 4.2.7, 5.1.7, 6.4, 6.5, 6.13, 6.16.
  • Introduced the terms: "Verified affiliate", "Inactive affiliate program".
  • Changes in the definition of "active client".

You can read the full version of the Affiliate Agreement in "Affiliate Agreements" section of your Live Account.


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