RoboForex introduces new promotions: “Profit Share Bonus” and leverage up to 1:2000

27.12.2018 / 12:11

Dear Clients and Partners,

Every year, RoboForex gives you pleasant surprises for Christmas and New Year holidays by introducing new programs, promotions, and improved trading conditions. The departing year will be no exception.

Today, we’re pleased to inform you about two promotions that will be available on a regular basis: "Profit Share Bonus" and the increased leverage up to 1:2000.

"Profit Share Bonus"

Within the framework of the bonus program, you have an opportunity to receive up to 50% of the deposited amount when deposit funds to your MT4/MT5-based standard and cent accounts.

"Profit Share Bonus" is an improved and more profitable version of "Tradable Protection" bonus, which cloud be used during "drawdown". In case there are losing positions on their accounts, clients can cancel the bonus and keep the amount of their own funds that is left.

More about the Program rules

How "Profit Share Bonus" protects your funds during drawdown:

You deposited 500 USD to your account and received "Profit Share Bonus" 50%. The total sum on your account is 750 USD, which includes 66.7% of your own funds and 33.3% of the bonus funds.

In case your trading operations result in losing 100 USD, this loss will be distributed between your own and bonus funds in the percentage specified above.

After that, there will be 650 USD on your account, with 650 * 66.7 / 100 = 433.55 USD of your own funds and 650 * 33.3 / 100 = 216.45 USD of the bonus funds.

If you decide to cancel the bonus, only the bonus amount that is left on the account will be written off from the account, in this case it’s 216.45 USD.

As a result, "Profit Share Bonus" will help you to save 33.55 USD of your own funds.

Receive +50% to your deposit

Leverage up to 1:2000

The second new feature from RoboForex is an opportunity to take advantage of the increased leverage up to 1:2000. The feature is also available for all MT4/MT5-based standard and cent accounts.

With the new leverage value, you will get:

  • Reduced margin requirements for open positions.
  • Increase of the position volume without additional investments.

More about using leverage up to 1:2000

What happens when you increase the leverage value:

Assuming that you want to open a long position of 1 lot in EURUSD at 1.1350 with only 1,000 USD on your account. To open such position with the leverage value set at 1:100, you will require 1,135 USD.

Using the leverage value set at 1:2000, you will be able to open such position with the margin of just 56.75 USD and the rest on the funds on your account, 950 USD, will be available for other trading operations.

Open account with leverage 1:2000

RoboForex wishes you a Happy New Year 2019 and hopes that it will be successful and positive for you and your loved ones.

RoboForex team