RoboForex provides access to CFDs on Cloudflare stocks

16.09.2019 / 16:42

Dear Clients and Partners, 

IT Company Cloudflare, the capitalization of which was estimated at 3.2 billion USD this July, has held an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange, under the ticker NET. Since the very first day they appeared on the market, CFDs on stocks of this company are available in our multi-asset terminal, R Trader.

According to analysts, the successful IPO of Cloudflare may create another rapidly-growing tech company. The company is already considered a principal competitor of such colossuses as Amazon and Microsoft.

About Cloudflare:

  • Has been operating in the industry of “cloud” technologies, content delivery, and development of protection against DDoS attacks since 2009.
  • Has about 74.8K of subscription-paying users, 408 of which pay more than 100 thousand USD per year.
  • Serves more than 20 million websites and provides response time of less than 100 milliseconds for 98% of users from developed countries. 

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