RoboForex added new commission schemes for CopyFX Traders on MT5 accounts

16.10.2023 / 18:23

Dear Clients and Partners,

We are thrilled to announce that two new commission schemes, the "Performance Fee" and "Subscription Fee", are now available for CopyFX Traders using MT5 accounts.

Under the "Performance Fee" scheme, Traders receive a share of the overall profit generated by subscribed Investors through all copied deals.
With the "Subscription Fee" scheme, Traders receive a fixed commission once a week if Investors have made a profit from copying deals.

What's beneficial for Traders and Investors?

  • Popular and familiar schemes for earning and sharing from MT4 CopyFX are now available in MT5 CopyFX

  • Skilled traders who were earning money in MT4 CopyFX can start earning in the new MT5 CopyFX

  • New growth opportunities: bringing in new Investors for Traders and expanding a variety of strategies for Investors

  • The commission earned depends on whether Investors' profits were achieved by copying Traders’ transactions

  • Investors have the freedom to select the Top Traders, while Traders are motivated to improve their trading performance

Why choose CopyFX in MT5?

  • It's convenient - you can trade using one of the best terminals on the market with cutting-edge analytical tools and lowest ping VPS from MetaQuotes available for you

  • It's easy - all you need is an MT5 hedge account

  • It's flexible - offering user-friendly investment management

Are you ready to start earning from your investments?

RoboForex Team