Boost your earnings with Infinity program for Partners

05.02.2024 / 16:39

Dear Partners,

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Infinity Program for partners!

Get up to 85% of the average spread

for every trade your clients close. Offer better spreads, and receive Infinitely better payouts!

You also receive 20% from swaps

If your clients prefer mid- or long-term strategies, keeping their positions open for some time, you still receive a 20% reward from swap daily.

Payments increased

up to 5.4 times


Payout from spread, per lot

Payout from swap, per lot


increased by 43%

up to


increased by 10%

up to


increased by 35%

up to


increased by 35%

up to


increased by 83%

up to


increased by 445%

up to

The percentage increase is calculated based on the previous conditions of the RoboForex Partner program


  • Extra income through swaps

    Earn an additional 20% through your clients' swaps on top of your commission.
  • Diverse investment options

    Let your clients choose from top-performing assets, including Gold, EURUSD, DE40, USTech, and more.
  • Use the new partner's calculator

    Use the new partner's detailed calculator to check your potential earnings.

Infinity is now available to newly registered RoboForex partners as the main program. The existing partners previously enrolled in the "VIP" program will be switched to the Infinity Program automatically. To change the type of your Partner program (if it is not a "VIP" program), please contact the Partnership department.

Be a part of our community and unleash the boundless earning potential through our Infinity Program. Explore the world of Infinity today and discover a more rewarding tomorrow!

Learn more about Infinity

The RoboForex Team