Members Area

How to register a Members Area

RoboForex Members Area features:

Balance operations

RoboForex completely compensates its clients’ commission for funds depositing. Besides, you can make internal funds transfers between your trading accounts of any types without any commission as well.


Personal information

In "Personal information" section, you can view and edit some of the information you provided during the registration. To secure your information and funds, we offer you to make your Members Area more secure by means of SMS and backup codes.


Accounts management

Complete control over trading accounts in your Members Area: viewing transactions history and open positions, opening new accounts, changing your password and leverage.



All information about extra funds, Rebates, and % on account balance received within the framework of "RoboForex Promotions" can be found in "Extras", "Your Rebates", and "Up to 10% on account balance" sections respectively.


Marketing materials for partners

If you are already a RoboForex partner or just thinking about becoming one, you can be sure that RoboForex will provide you with a wide range of tools for your activity.


Educational materials

In your Members Area you can access various educational videos on the basic and more advanced concepts of trading on the financial markets.


Everything for trading

In "Download center" section, you can choose and download all trading terminals (PC and mobile versions) necessary for performing trading operations.

To get 24/7 access to your remote trading terminal, you can use "VPS-server" service provided by RoboForex. In order to do this, submit a request in "Your VPS 2.0 server" section.

Free-of-charge analytical resources

All useful analytical services are available to RoboForex clients directly in their Members Area.

Financial news Dow Jones

Unique service "RoboForex analytics center".

Top-9 Frequently asked questions:


How do I change my Members Area password?

You can change your Members Area password in "Change password" or "Restore password" sections.


Where do I change my personal information?

You can change your E-mail in "Personal information" section. To change other personal information, you need to contact our "Live Support".


How do I write a ticket?

In order to write a ticket to our Live Support, you have to fill in a special form in "Live Support" section.


How do I verify my card?

To verify your card, go to "Bank Cards" section and upload scanned images or photos of each side of your card.


Where can I see the partner commission?

Partner commission rates are available in "Partner Commission Rate", section. The information about the commission you received can be found in "Commission details" section.


Can I change the leverage?

Yes, you can. You can change the leverage in "Change leverage" section. But you have to consider that the leverage can be changed only if there are no open positions on the account.


How do I restore my Members Area password?

If you forgot your password, use "Password recovery" service (access to your E-mail required). If your E-mail is not available, contact our Live Support.


How do I change my account password?

If you forgot your account password, go to "Change password"section (access to your E-mail required). If your E-mail is not available, contact our Live Support.


How do I change my phone number?

If your phone number hasn’t been verified yet, pass the verification in "SMS verification" section. If the phone number has been verified and is available at the moment, you can change it in the same section. If necessary, contact our Live Support.