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US 30 analysis: the uptrend gathered momentum following the release of consumer inflation statistics

The US 30 stock index continues to rise within the uptrend, aiming to renew its historical high. Growth momentum was driven by US consumer inflation data, which fell short of expectations.

DE 40 analysis: decreasing German exports hinder demand for German stocks

The DE 40 stock index has been moving sideways for an extended period. The future trend will depend on the ECB’s decision regarding monetary policy and the key interest rate.

US Tech analysis: steady growth may slow down amid US Federal Reserve chair’s comments

The US Tech stock index is reaching new all-time highs for the fourth consecutive session, driven by US employment market data.

JP 225 analysis: the index regains its 1989 historical high

Following a 10.78% correction and a prolonged sideways channel, the JP 225 stock index resumed growth, reaching its highest level since 1989.

US 500 analysis: a weak US employment market gave growth momentum to stock assets

The US 500 stock index reached a new all-time high within the uptrend, driven by major players’ expectations of a US Federal Reserve interest rate cut amid weak employment market data.

US 30 analysis: key players await employment market statistics to determine the future trend

The US 30 stock index is trading with relatively low volatility amid expectations for employment market statistics. Although the quotes are in an uptrend, growth potential is limited: the support and resistance levels remained unchanged since last Friday.

DE 40 analysis: inflation slowdown in Germany spurs index growth

The DE 40 index is in a downtrend after reaching an all-time high. By the end of this week, it will be clear how deeply the price can fall this time.

US Tech analysis: the index is heading towards a new all-time high after breaking the resistance level

After consolidating, The US Tech index has breached the resistance level. It is heading towards a new all-time high, with the speech by Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell serving as a fundamental driver.