Technical analysis for EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, AUD/USD, USD/RUB, GOLD, 12.09.2016


Currency pair EUR/USD has been traded to test lower level of reversal Neck pattern. We are expecting that pair to continue descending towards the level at 1.1190. Then it should test the level at 1.1237 from below and descend towards the level at 1.1150.


Currency pair GBP/USD has been traded within the descending wave that points to the level at 1.3212. We expect it to test level at 1.3292 from below and then it should fall towards 1.3160.


Pair USD/CHF has been traded within ascending wave. For today, we are considering the possibility that this pair would test the level at 0.9740 from above and then rise towards 0.9843. However, the goal for this wave is on the level at 0.9940.


Currency pair USD/JPY has been traded on descending impulse. We are expecting it to cover the level at 102.00. Then pair should test the level at 102.50 from below. In case this pair would break lower boundary we can foresee that this trend continues and endangers the level at 99.00. However, we should not rule out the possibility of positive dynamic towards the level 104.65, that scenario is still possible.


Currency pair AUD/USD has been done with the descending wave. Now, we should not ignore the chance of correction till the level at 0.7650. Then it might go lower till the level at 0.7400. But there is also a chance for descending without any correction.


Currency pair USD/RUB has been traded within consolidation pattern, keeping the middle of it. For now, we consider the main scenario is descending towards the level at 62.00. As an alternative, we can expect recovery till 65.35. Then it would descend towards 62.00.


Gold has finished correction till the level at 1329. For today, we expect consolidation to go on, and in case precious metal would break upper boundary, we should consider a chance for forming another rising pattern that would lead towards 1355. And that potential should be considered as a part of the wave towards 1440.


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