Fibonacci Retracements Analysis

Fibonacci retracements are actively used by traders, when they study how impulses are formed and try to find levels of possible trend corrections. Fluctuations in the prices of certain assets often repeat the Fibonacci sequence. As a result, they may have some additional information on possible direction of the currency market movement in the future.

Fibonacci analysis is a popular and useful tool for a trader, it works well for both long and short timeframes. This page presents Fibonacci analysis from RoboForex experts that will help you invest more wisely. To make trading even more efficient, combine Fibonacci analysis with other technical analysis tools such as Ichimoku indicators and Japanese candlesticks.


Fibonacci Retracements Analysis 10.02.2022 (Brent, Dow Jones)

Brent is falling after divergence on MACD, while the Dow Jones index is trading to reach the high.

Fibonacci Retracements Analysis 09.02.2022 (GBPUSD, EURJPY)

The uptrend in GBPUSD is slowing down; in the case of EURJPY, the price is heading towards the high at 134.12.

Fibonacci Retracements Analysis 08.02.2022 (EURUSD, USDJPY)

EURUSD slowed down at the long-term 38.2% fibo, while USDJPY is forming another wave to the upside.

Fibonacci Retracements Analysis 07.02.2022 (GOLD, USDCHF)

XAUUSD is correcting to the upside after plummeting earlier, while USDCHF is growing to break the high at 0.9374.

Fibonacci Retracements Analysis 04.02.2022 (AUDUSD, USDCAD)

AUDUSD has failed to reach the long-term 50.0% fibo at 0.6758; in the case of USDCAD, the price is correcting within the rising wave.

Fibonacci Retracements Analysis 03.02.2022 (Brent, Dow Jones)

Brent has formed a new resistance at $91.43; the pullback in the Dow Jones index has reached 61.8% fibo.

Fibonacci Retracements Analysis 02.02.2022 (GBPUSD, EURJPY)

The correctional uptrend in GBPUSD continues; in the case of EURJPY, the price is consolidating around 38.2% fibo.

Fibonacci Retracements Analysis 01.02.2022 (EURUSD, USDJPY)

EURUSD is correcting to the upside, while USDJPY is moving upwards after convergence on MACD.