Wave analysis and forecast

Wave analysis is a type of technical analysis of the market. According to it, the basis of any market fluctuations is Elliot waves. Making market predictions based on wave patterns doesn’t require any indicators and is considered one of the most descriptive types of analysis. Thus, Elliott waves are interpreted as a graphical method of technical analysis, which makes it possible to understand the behaviour of market participants by studying price movement waves.

Wave analysis is considered a complex method, but it is recommended that every trader know its basics. This is necessary to understand the algorithms for the movement of the working currency pair, to see the point at which the currency pair is located during the movement, as well as to know further prospects - all this data helps to obtain wave analysis. On this page, you can familiarize yourself with the conclusions and market forecasts from RoboForex experts, made using wave analysis.


Wave Analysis 15.08.2011 (USD/CHF, EUR/USD)

A significant rising price movement is probably the beginning of wave (4). Taking into account the fact that the price is growing very fast we may assume that the correction will take the form of zigzag pattern. If it’s true, the price may continue growing during the next several days.

Wave Analysis 12.08.2011 (USD/CHF, EUR/USD)

We may assume that the corrective fourth wave is being formed at the moment. There is a possibility that after such a significant growth the price will make a significant descending movement inside wave [5] of 5. However, if the price continues growing during the day, this scenario will be cancelled.

Wave Analysis 11.08.2011 (USD/CHF, EUR/USD)

We may assume that the fourth wave inside wave 5 of (3) is about to finish. The forecast of price movement is shown on the chart. Most likely, wave [4] will be completed during the day, and after that the price may start falling inside wave [5].

Wave Analysis 10.08.2011 (USD/CHF, EUR/USD)

The formation of wave [5] of 5 is about to finish. The forecast of the price movement is shown on the chart. Most likely, the price will reach new minimum during the day. In the future we can expect the correction, which may last several days.

Wave Analysis 09.08.2011 (USD/CHF, EUR/USD)

Impulse in wave 5 of (3) continues, as well as the fifth wave. Current wave structure let us suppose that the price may continue falling down. The forecast remains bearish. Most likely, impulse inside wave 5 will be completed within the current week.

Wave Analysis 08.08.2011 (USD/CHF, EUR/USD)

Today during the market trading opening Franc reached new minimum. The market rebounded from it and now the pair is under correction. Most likely, wave [5] of 5 will be completed today and wave (4) will start.

Wave Analysis 05.08.2011 (USD/CHF, EUR/USD)

Impulse in wave 5 continues. We may assume that on the minor wave level the fourth wave was completed and the fifth wave started. The forecast of the price movement is still bearish. In the near term we can expect the formation of wave (3).

Wave Analysis 04.08.2011 (USD/CHF, EUR/USD)

In case Of Franc we can see that the price continues the formation of the descending impulse. We may assume that wave [4] is about to be completed. The forecast is still bearish. In the near term, we can expect the start of wave [5] of 5.