The cryptocurrency market digest (BTC, SHIB, LTC). Overview for 05.06.2023


The BTC on Monday is falling to 26,807 USD.

The support level of 26,500 USD has become active again; moreover, below it is the level of 26,000 USD, and it seems that the market might drop there.

Activity in the crypto sector remains low. We already highlighted this last week. At the beginning of the new week of June, it remains true. The BTC is falling against altcoins, which explains the shrinking of its market share.

The capitalisation of the crypto sector has dropped to 1.134 trillion USD. The BTC continues to fall to 45.8%, while the ETH remains at 19.8%.

SHIB attracts users

According to IntoTheBlock observations, the volume of market transactions with SHIB has increased noticeably. Since 1 June, the volume of large transfers has risen by over 300% to 10.7 million USD.

Litecoin seriously increased

Investors are looking forward to a halving scheduled for August. The reward for mining will drop then twice to 6.25 LTC from 12.50 LTC. This expectation must be what is now stimulating the growth of the token - it has risen by 8% over a week.


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