The cryptocurrency market digest (BTC, CELO). Overview for 28.11.2022


Crypto is gloomy but there are exceptions.

Cryptocurrencies start the week in grave moods: the whole digital asset market is under sales. The BTC is crawling to 16,198 USD.

Anyway, the general situation hardly changes, remaining negative. The main trouble of the crypto market is the trust issues. They became obvious after the crash of FXT and the dominos effect for small crypto platforms. Liquidity issues came to light here and there, which means any mighty blow of coins can destroy almost any platform.

The market remains prone to sales.

Technically there is a good chance for further falling towards 12,000 USD. Any bad news may trigger it, provoking escape to cash.

Capitalisation of the crypto market for today is 819.87 billion USD, the BTC taking up 38%, and the ETH — 17.5%.

CELO: lucky exception

The quotes of the CELO token have grown by more than 28% overnight. The crypto took line 87 of the Top 100 rating of crypto in demand. Over a week, the token grew by 44%.

Ledger does not collect personal data of users

A producer of hardware crypto wallets Ledger refuted the rumors that it collected additional personal info except general data. The company processes data via Bitcoin and Ethereum nodes, which allows for calculating the volume of assets stored in the wallets.

Binance: crypto regulation is inevitable

The director-general of Binance voiced a viewpoint that regulation of the crypto market is inevitable. Most governments realise that digital assets keep getting deeper into our daily life. Binance is sure that the industry should be regulated instead of banned.


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