The cryptocurrency market digest (BTC). Overview for 05.08.2022


After several failed attempts, the BTC is trying to rise once again. As a result, major crypto has been “in the red” for seven consecutive trading sessions, and here’s another attempt to correct that. On Friday, the BTC is looking rather neutral and trading at $23,244.

The struggle between bulls and bears continues as they keep the BTC inside the range of $22,500-$23,500. Nothing will change here until the price breaks either border of the range.

The “greenback” behaviour helps the BTC one day and upsets it the next day. When the USD gets weaker, the BTC goes up, just like today. However, local upward movements in the American currency brought the BTC’s feeble attempts to rise to naught.

Franck Muller accepts payments in BNB

Swiss company Franck Muller, which is involved in selling watches, started accepting payments for its goods in crypto, BNB in particular. Earlier, an auction was completed on the Binance NFT trading platform. The fact that the crypto can be used in real life is good for its price.

ZB was hacked

Crypto exchange ZB was hacked and lost $4.7 million worth cryptocurrency. Daily trading volume at the exchange is estimated at $1.1 billion; it ranks 47th on the list of crypto platforms.

Nomad Bridge managed to get crypto back

Hackers returned $9 million in cryptocurrency they stole after hacking Nomad bridge. They sent it back to a special wallet created for these purposes. Some part of this money came from popular ENS addresses. We remind you that Nomad Bridge was hacked on 1 August.


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