EURUSD is braced for news. Overview for 26.01.2022


EURUSD is saving strengths in anticipation of the Fed’s decisions.

The major currency pair is waiting for the American regulator to go through its meeting. The current quote for the instrument is 1.1281.

So, the zero hour has come. The 2-day Fed meeting will be over today and everyone is expecting as much information as possible. The benchmark interest rate will remain intact this time, but investors hope to learn the time of the first rate hikes in 2022. This could be March and +50 basis points. However, let’s wait for the Fed to announce details. 

Other important decisions are the tome of the QE programme termination and the regulator’s balance reduction. There is a chance the Fed will announce the final round of bond purchasing in January. 

The more details market players get, the better. The more “hawkish” the Fed sounds, the more chances the “greenback” has to rally.

In this light, the macroeconomic data is temporarily put on the back burner.


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